About us

Pupet Couture is a unique brand born from the passion and bond of three women: Licia Angeli, Franca Mentana and Antonella Ramoscello.
The idea of creating Pupet Couture comes from our deep love for four-legged friends and the desire to offer them high-quality, comfortable and fashionable products.
We know that our furry friends deserve only the best and we decided to turn our passion into reality.

Our collection of clothing and accessories for dogs is the result of meticulous care and research.
Each garment is designed with love and attention to detail to ensure maximum comfort and style to your four-legged friend.
We only use materials from high quality, specifically selected for their softness, resistance and safety with processing strictly Made in Italy .

We don't just limit ourselves to clothing.
Our range of accessories includes leashes, harnesses, pet carriers, bags and much more, all made with care to ensure maximum comfort and safety during walks and outdoor activities.
Pupet Couture is much more than a Pets company. We are also strongly committed to supporting animal welfare.

We work with local shelters and organizations to raise awareness about the importance of responsible adoption and we donate a portion of our profit to support animal causes.
The two "P" of the brand Pupet Couture form an infinite as infinite is the love between a pet and his human.
Join us in making the special moments with your furry friend even more unforgettable.